Saturday, June 24, 2017

146 More Words about Frank.

Hi everybody!  Please excuse the sporadic nature of these blog updates.  It's been a pretty difficult month for me personally but I'm ending June with a flurry of writing for Fogworld vol. 2.  The first chapter of the book is completed (errrr, it may not end up being the first chapter at the front, but it's definitely the first chapter I've written) and I'm closing in on the second (ditto).  Please check my previous blog entry to give you a bit of a primer on the subject of one of the four or five stories I'm telling in Fogworld 2 - Frank Wurzel of Neso.  That's a good chunk of his first chapter.

Today I'm really excited about this paragraph I wrote a bit earlier.  Excuse the arrogance, but I think it's some of the best work I've conjured for this sequel.  Enjoy!

His face was known to every tavern owner and barmaid on Neso, though their familiarity with Frank far outweighed their respect or fondness for him.  He was seen most often at The Beast and Hustle, though he had also run up tabs at Rosie’s, 441 North and The Twin Fins.  He would often stop on his way home from work and imbibe anywhere from three to six rounds of corn liquor, fermented apple cider and wine, sitting with whoever would have him.  Most of his drinking companions thought of Frank as good for a laugh, though sometimes at his own expense; as a political curmudgeon, forever berating liberalism and progressivism in tirades that increased in both volume and exaggeration as the evening and the alcohol flowed; and finally as a well-meaning but ultimately unimpressive acquaintance who bought more rounds for others than were bought for him.

If you want to get the whole book from me as it's being written, please check out my Patreon page.  Three bucks a month gets you early access to the book on a monthly/progress basis (plus a final manuscript when it's done).  If that's too rich for your blood, a dollar per month will enable you to engage with the Fogworld community on Patreon and secure your name on the Official Fogworld Survivors List - you'll live through the fogpocalypse, certified by an upcoming (and ever-growing) list on our website.

Have a good weekend!  Talk soon.

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