Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Diva.

Yesterday I sent a copy of Wandering City Blues to one of my uncles and his family outside Chicago.  Inscribing a book to family is always funny because I want to add more to it since these poor bastards have put up with me my whole life, including when I was a baby.  "Enjoy, Uncle Charlie and co.  Don't mind the sex scenes and graphic torture and stuff; your brother did a good job as my dad, I promise!  See you at the family reunion!"  That would make for an awful Christmas get-together though, right?  I walk in the room and someone's telling my 90-year-old grandmother "And then it's implied that this one guy gets fellated by some other guy's wife while he's investigating this ritual killing..."  Seriously if you're related to me please don't do that.

The big news of the week is that I was interviewed by the great Case Murphy for a new series of creator-based video interviews he's working on with a friend of his.  Yesterday, Case and I had a great 25-minute discussion about WCB and the future of Fogworld at Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA.  His video will be uploaded shortly (I imagine I'll get a link to you by next week), but in the meantime, check out these shots of Case and Connor setting up the equipment.

In the first picture, you'll probably notice that Nick Whitmire's original concept art for Proteus is on the TV, which was pretty badass.  In the second picture, you'll see Kevin Bednarz on the far left.  Kevin and Case co-own Comic Logic and The Ashburn Pub, where Wandering City Blues had its local launch the week before Halloween.  Kevin also invented the custom cocktails for the book, whose recipes are in the back after the end of the story.

I'm looking forward to seeing the final video and I hope you guys can stand listening to me talk for that long.  Have a good week; stay warm wherever you are!

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