Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Book Trailer! / Launch Week Catch-up.

Get ready to be amazed, my friends!  Our friend Evans Wilson (of the aptly-named Evans Wilson Media) has assembled a book launch trailer for Wandering City Blues and it's fantastic.  Click this here text to check it out, then tell a friend!

So I and A Carrier of Fire had a pretty fantastic launch week last week, exhausting as it was.  The local signing/party at Comic Logic and The Ashburn Pub was a huge success first - I sold 15 copies in three hours at our table and left the comic shop another 10 pre-signed copies, so if you missed us last Wednesday, go to Comic Logic and get yours today!  We also got to do plenty of giveaways at The Ashburn Pub to new and old fans and friends alike, take pictures of the Comic Logic staff enjoying the custom cocktails dedicated to the novel and even get a live video.

Following that, the 30th annual Virginia Comicon was another triumph last weekend (October 29th and 30th).  I had a table and I signed and sold about another 35 copies of Wandering City Blues then gave away the rest of my prizes to an excited crowd at the book launch panel that the con hosted, moderated by Mansa Herndon of 2 Fat Guys Podcast.  It was both extraordinarily humbling and a bit of an ego boost to have people show up and ask me questions about Fogworld and its universe for close to 45 minutes straight, having previously known nothing about it.  Wow!  Then the con sponsored a launch party for the book on Saturday night that was well-attended and also quite an honor for me to attend.

That's all for this week!  Check last week's blog for paperback and Kindle availability on Wandering City Blues plus where you can download other goodies related to the book.  Have a good one!  Go Cubbies!

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