Wednesday, November 16, 2016

21 Days Later...

Hey everybody!  Please excuse last week's absence of blog.  I'd stayed up until about 4 a.m. Wednesday morning watching the results of the 2016 presidential election then slept two hours and took my daughter in to school, so I was pretty wiped.  Since then, Wandering City Blues has gotten its first official review, I've been booked for two more appearances and I'm starting to come up with something new, all of which I wanted to point you to today.

First, the review.  The UK-based website The Pulse Entertainment, a small but quickly-growing pop culture site, gave WCB an 8 out of 10, calling it "a fantastic read" and a "success."  Their review is spoiler-free, so give it a read regardless of whether or not you've had the chance to parse through WCB's pages yet.

Second, gigs!  This Saturday from 11-4 I'll be appearing at Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA for Local Comic Shop Day.  As usual, I'll have a table with books to sell/sign and to chat it up with everyone who comes by.  If you're in the area, come by and say hello!  I've also booked my first 2017 comic con, the brand new NOVA Con at The Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner.  This three-day con is July 28-30 and I'll have one of two specially-placed artist's tables, details to follow.  Artists Alley spaces for this con are still available so if you're a creator, get in while the getting's good!

Third, I'm looking forward towards the next book I'd like to write and I currently have two options available to me.  One would be a sequel to WCB, a war- and diplomacy-focused second volume of Fogworld that picks up where WCB leaves off.  For spoiler purposes I won't say where that is.  However, I can tell you that following the events of the previous book, inter-titan relations are worsening and a full-scale conflict is nearing inevitability.  Returning characters from WCB and many new characters will make up a cast of ambassadors, soldiers and politicians readying themselves for what could be mankind's last massive fight - a Final World War.  This week I rewatched both Seven Samurai and The Thin Red Line (1998) and both inspired the level of intimacy and existentialist dread of bloodshed into which I'd like to tap.

The other idea is to step outside the Fogworld saga and try my hand at horror.  My friends and readers have asked me for 10 years why I've never written a zombie book and I've always cited the oversaturation of the horror-drama market - much less that I never had a truly original idea.  Earlier this year I came up with a pretty exciting idea that I'd like to write at some point.  I'd like to start with the classic zombie setup - strangers scrambling to a house in a neighborhood and being forced to cooperate despite their personalities clashing amid the zombocalypse.  So far so meh, until the survivors realize there are too many zeds surrounding the house to escape so they decide there's nowhere to go but down.  They end up digging a tunnel to another nearby house in the neighborhood (spied from a vantage point in the first house) for food and supplies, then another tunnel, and another, each time hoping there will be few enough shamblers that they can flee on foot to safety.  They develop a whole network of tunnels throughout this neighborhood, challenged by cave-ins, limited supplies etc.  Essentially it's the first half of Night of the Living Dead welded onto the middle of The Great Escape - both of which I've also watched recently for inspiration.

So I have to decide between these two books.  Which do I write next, readers?  Does one sound better than the other, or more intriguing?  Is there any specific research you'd recommend I do before tackling one or the other?  Is anyone reading this?


  1. The decision is yours, but I'd go for Zombies from the Underground. It'll give you a chance to breathe on Fogworld and let those ideas percolate.

    Plus, I want to see your take on zombies.

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  3. Seven Samurai is a masterpiece. I love to rewatch it, too. I don't know why, usually I don't like old movies, and I'm not fan of Japanese cinema at all, but this film is a masterpiece. literally. I even wrote a paper for Private Writing about this movie.