Wednesday, September 28, 2016

MJM Episode 78.

Welcome to the final episode of MJM.  We made it to 78 episodes and we've had a lot of fun over the last couple years doing this show, but with the way things are going, the three of us are focusing on developing plans to get our families to safety.  Thank you all for your support and for listening; our prayers are with you and your loved ones.

Episode 78 is available to download by clicking here.

Three of our most relevant episodes discussing the colossi, the Red Lung and the plans to leave the surface have been compiled into this link (67.61mb).  God willing, one day someone will be able to use what we learned this year to help find a cure for the disease, a way to dissipate the fog or even just to get a fairer understanding of how everything went down.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WCB Pre-Orders / Promo Poster.

Hey friends!  It's been a hell of a month since finishing Wandering City Blues, despite the blog being a little on the quiet side.  On the personal side of things, my wife and I found out that our new baby is going to be a boy, our daughter's school year started up again, I had some minor hand surgery yesterday and starting tomorrow my brother is coming to visit for a couple days so I've been prepping for that.

Professionally it's been a wild ride too.  I've been working with my friends Matt Carroll and Mansa Herndon on MJM - A Fogworld Radio Drama (some of which you've heard by now).  Of course I ordered and reviewed proof copies of  Wandering City Blues a couple weeks ago, made some changes and approved the final version for sale.  It will be up on Amazon sometime during the week of October 24th.  I also have the first 150 copies of the book itself coming in the mail (they're currently in Portland, OR, by the way).

The biggest news is that A Carrier of Fire is now taking pre-orders for signed paperback copies of Wandering City Blues within the United States (international orders coming soon).  Here's how it works:

1.  Go to and click the PayPal button to send $20 USD our way.  That's $15 for the book and $5 for the cushioned mailer and postage.
2.  If you have any special signing instructions/requests, email me at IMMEDIATELY with the name on your order and your request - for some reason no matter how many times we make the PayPal button the "Special Instructions to Seller" field won't populate. Otherwise I'll just make up something nice when I sign it.
3.  Please allow like a week or so for delivery after the books get here in the mail.
4.  Alternatively, if you plan on attending the local launch of WCB at Comic Logic and The Ashburn Pub in Ashburn, VA, on October 26, or the Virginia Comicon on October 29-30, you can email me any time or message A Carrier of Fire on Facebook and ask us to hang on to a copy or two for you, and we'll figure out payment at the event.

The good news is that I should get the books in the mail next week (September 26 or 27), so if you pre-order from me any time before maybe October 20, you should get your copy well in advance of the official street date of October 29.

Finally, we have a promo poster for the aforementioned October 26 launch party in Ashburn.  Feast your eyes, share on your social media page of choice, tell friends etc.  Thanks!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

MJM - Episode 49.

Welcome back to another episode of MJM!  It's been about four months since the 13 colossi first came up out of the Pacific and this week we find ourselves covering them again.  Why?  Because this mist that rose from the sea around the same time seems to be spreading, making landfall and gaining plenty of height.  Kinda weird.  So Mansa, jonny and Matt do our best to round up some of the news stories that have been on the air and offer our opinions on it.  Will the proposed government restrictions on automotive travel in affected areas gain any traction?  What's with the reported upticks in pulmonary-related illnesses and deaths in the foggy areas?  We'll give you our two cents and then some in this week's episode available right here.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cover / Sendoff.

How did you folks like last week's episode of MJM - a podcast set in the universe of Fogworld?  I hope you had as much fun listening as we did recording.  There are two more episodes of it debuting soon - one on September 14 and the final one on September 28.  So what will we do in between episodes?  How about if we take a look at the finalized cover for the book (designed by Matthew Thomas with additional work by Nick Whitmire)?

If you like that, wait until you see the back.  It can be in your hands October 26th/29th.

A bunch of other stuff happened this week too!  For starters, I got an ISBN for Wandering City Blues.  The ISBN-10 is 0692779329 and the ISBN-13 is 978-0692779323.  Second, and most importantly, both the interior and exterior of the book are 100% finished and out the door.  They've been sent to the printer and should be ready for A Carrier of Fire to approve in the next week.   We're staying on schedule and everything is coming together in the best of ways.

Thanks for all your continued support during this excitement!  We're right on the cusp of the proper release of the book and it wouldn't be possible without you guys.