Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WCB Review Copies.

With the manuscript finished and the bonus features underway, now we get to start sending out the digital review copies of the book for websites.  Hoo boy!

To benefit our friends in the press, I partnered with Wandering City Blues's publisher, A Carrier of Fire, to assemble the review packet.  It contains a README/primer on the rest of the packet, the completed manuscript for the novel, the promotional artwork of Psamanthe and Proteus (created by Brian and Nick Whitmire, respectively), a working draft of playlists of assembled music that inspired the book and a working draft of the detailed migration routes of several of the colossi featured in the novel.  

So far this review packet has been sent to about a half-dozen websites and podcasts and I'm anxiously awaiting their responses.  To be honest, though, I've already received feedback on the book from my most ardent critique: my mother, Linda.  Mom sits in this very precarious position of knowing me well enough not to sugar-coat things while also knowing that I need the best book I can to go into print.  Fortunately, her review came back all smiles after reading the manuscript so I think I'm just about ready to wrap it up.

All that's lacking now are for me to punch up the cocktail recipes and other bonus features, get my jacket design and prepare the book to be printed.  Excitement!

Short update today, but thanks for checking in!  I had over 150 views last week alone (wow!) and I'm looking forward to showing you some more good marketing/promotional stuff as the time approaches.  Have a good week, and if you want a review copy for your own website/podcast, please email me at - thank you!


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