Saturday, August 27, 2016

Wandering City Cocktails

Hey there everybody!  Usually we do this on Wednesday but I've got a pretty fantastic update for you today and it just couldn't wait.

Kevin Bednarz, a northern Virginia business owner and bartender, has been working with me and A Carrier of Fire to create several cocktails based on the new novel.  I sent some ideas his way based on the Fogworld universe and he came up with some brilliant (and delicious) drink.  We recently shot some video of us making the drinks and most of those videos are uploaded and waiting for you on YouTube!  Check the videos and links below, and don't forget that all the recipes will be printed in Wandering City Blues when it's released October 29!

Galatea - Click here for video

Galatea is a colossus in the Fogworld universe who spends a lot of time oceanbound, so I asked Kevin to come up with something that screamed "beach life," like a twist on a Mai Tai.  He came up with this tasty beverage and I couldn't be happier with it.

Iris is the female lead in Wandering City Blues and she's as mysterious as she is cool.  Kevin invented this sweet blue cocktail for her that starts with Absolut Citron, Blue Curacao and Peach Schnapps and ends with plunking in a blue glow stick (or glow cube) and letting the glass shine.

Leon's Old-Fashioned - Video coming soon!

Leon Adler is the male lead in the new book, and he's a classic film noir detective.  Kevin uses a muddler and a spoon to help mix this variation of an Old-Fashioned and serve it up fresh.

Red-Orange Fog - Click here for video

What's better than Stoli Orange or Grand Marnier?  How about Stoli Orange and Grand Marnier?  Add some OJ and Sprite, shake and pour then finish with some grenadine and you've got the fog-covered earth of Wandering City Blues in a glass.  Drink up; it won't give you Red Lung.

Sao's Jack and Coke - Click here for video (Finally, a drink I can make!)

Me:  Hey Kevin, one of my colossi is entirely peopled by psychos and cannibals.  What's the closest drink equivalent to like a steak dinner?
Kevin:  Hmm, maybe a Jack and Coke?
Me:  Is there a way to make it strange and a little trashy?  Like that Corona-bottle-in-the-margarita Jersey Shore bullshit?
Kevin:  [eyes widen]  Yes.

Thanks for watching, everyone!  Don't forget to come to Comic Logic and The Ashburn Pub on Wednesday, October 26th, for a local launch party where I'll be signing copies of Wandering City Blues - and the pub will have these drinks on the menu.  Huge thanks to Kevin Bednarz; check out all his stuff at the following websites:

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