Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Final Word Count / Bonus Features!

Hi everybody!  I'm so sorry for last week's absence; it's been an insane couple weeks.  On the downside, I had to deal with my first (and ideally last) kidney stone.  That took me out of commission for a couple days.  On the plus side, my wife and I were finally able to announce that we're expecting our second baby in late January!  We're over 15 weeks along now and the baby is happy and healthy (and currently the size of an apple).  We also spent four days visiting my folks in Richmond and there have been a lot of other book-based things that took up most of last week.  So let's talk about those!

First and foremost, I'm very excited to say that last night I finished the final round of edits for Wandering City Blues (yeah, the title was staring me right in the face all year).  The full manuscript of the story itself is 82,424 words.  It's a total of 13 chapters, including an epilogue and a 100-word intro to the world before getting into "Timeshare."

In addition to the 82k words that make up the novel, there will be a number of bonus features included in the book.  First and foremost, local entrepreneur Kevin Bednarz is creating several new cocktails just for the novel, so recipes and maybe even pictures of the drinks will appear in all versions of Wandering City Blues upon its release this October.  I've had the chance to try these drinks and they're badass.  I couldn't be prouder.  Second, there will be several recommended music playlists to help you get your head in the right space for any setting throughout the novel.  While I would personally love to call them a soundtrack, I can't due to copyright law and a total lack of endorsement or official involvement from any musical artist I mention.  More on that another time.  For now, just know that unofficial/recommended playlists will be in the book.

There will also be detailed information for several of the colossi that appear in the main story.  Basic physical descriptions and behavioral patterns will be listed first, followed by their travel routes.  Those will include their destinations, layover times, distance between destinations, average travel speeds and expected travel times.  This way, you can find out where any of the colossi are at any given time.

Finally, I'd like to have a section describing some of the climbing gear, survivalist setups (water filtration systems etc) and other world-building devices that didn't get explained in the book.  I want you to exercise the minimum of suspension of disbelief when you read so I don't want to have any big mulligans or easy ways out for the characters in the universe.  The last thing I want is for you to say "How could they have X, Y or Z up there?  This is bullshit!" but at the end of the day, going into detailed descriptions of every single facet of life on the theriopolis would be incredibly dry.  So I put in the big kahunas or most glaring questions that needed answering, but some descriptions didn't fit or they held up the story too much.

Okay!  Next week I'll detail some of the promotional and fun stuff I'm doing (and having done) for Wandering City Blues.  Videos, audio, events, etc.  Stay tuned!  Thanks for your support; it's almost finished!!!

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