Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Surprises along the Way.

As I've put this next book together, there have been a number of elements I've added to it that I hadn't begun to think of when I started writing last November.  Someone asked me in the last week or so if anything like that had come up, and it made me think of some of the things that came to me mid-production.  Here's an example from early in the book, in my eternal interest of keeping your experience here spoiler-free.

Early on in "Timeshare," Sean Bellamy enjoys the view from a lookout on the outskirts of Moscow.  As he gazes into the fog, he recalls an urban legend he heard in his childhood about a tribe of child-warriors who never left the surface.  Since the airborne pathogen in the fog, Red Lung, kills within 15-20 years, it's rumored that there are these clans - almost gangs - of adolescent-aged parents who roam the surface, scavenging for what they need to survive.  The idea came to me after reading a couple issues of the excellent We Are Robin, which follows a group of youths galvanized into action after hearing of the death of Batman's titular sidekick.  Whereas the Robins swarm criminals and exercise street-level vigilantism, in my book I have this unique little legend about a caste of stubborn, reckless, fornicating teenagers (if you can imagine that!) who just said "screw it" and may or may not be down there, somewhere, hidden by the deadly miasma that coats the planet's surface.

The point is, I didn't think about these kids until I was writing the first sentence in "Timeshare" about them.  I thought "Okay, I need a tall tale to help give this world some pep" and out they came.  What's cool is, I decided it really worked for the overall story I'm telling in the novel, so maybe 30,000 words later, two other characters living on colossi get into a conversation about them.  "Hey, have you ever heard about those rumors..."

I worked another tall tale into another early scene, but I think I'll save that to surprise you in the book.  See you next week; thank you so much for your continued interest and readership!  I have huge announcements coming up the next week or two, so make sure to keep coming back!

Total Word Count:  67,598

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