Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An Island of Unbridled Malevolence.

Boy oh boy, kids; have I ever written some really fun stuff this last week!

Since I came up with the idea for this universe a year or two ago, I've had my eye on a specific scene I really hoped would work in the book.  Keeping it as spoiler-free as possible, I'll tell you all about it.  I thought "Hey, so, if one colossus had been overrun by some really, really, really bad dudes - like the guy in the shantytown District 9 who tries to eat the dead aliens because he thinks it'll grant him mystical powers?  What would people like that do to their titan to make it look more intimidating, and how would normal people react to seeing it approach them when they realize how different it is from their own 'gentle giant' hometown?"  Adorned with war paint, hanged corpses of enemies, blasting music - how would you design a living, quarter-mile-high, bipedal war machine to frighten people into shock?

This past Saturday, I got to write that scene.  I'm really excited to have a scene in which Leon, the pragmatic and slightly jaded detective, is unable to properly process seeing that titan running at him from off in the horizon.  I wanted him to momentarily shut down completely, just overwhelmed by a world he can't understand.  I'm sorry I can't quite show it off to you yet, but damn is it gonna be good.  The few people I have shown it to, for feedback, have reacted very, very positively.  Here's the final sentence of the scene:

Sao was a 1,500-foot island of unbridled malevolence and he was louder than God.

Anyway.  I added nearly 5,000 words to the manuscript this past week, putting me over the 50,000-word mark.  It's becoming a book, friends!  See you next Wednesday.

Word Count:  50,006

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