Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Spaces in Between.

Following my daughter's pinkeye, I ended up getting some kind of nasty throat infection and being unable to sit up or talk for the better part of the week, let alone write.  Yeesh.  I'm through the worst of it now, but progress is a bit slow-going.  I hope to make up for it next week, and I'll tell you how.

So let's look at what I did this week first.  This week I went back and added a few extra details to "Timeshare" to foreshadow some of our female lead's backstory, because I have a kick-ass idea I'll be returning to later in this book (and fully in its potential sequel).  Then I wrote an in-betweener scene that leads from a cliffhanger I'd finished recently into an unexpected encounter with an early villain.  There was a bit of writer's block working on this scene, because I'm committed to entertaining you with every single word that comes between the front and back covers, but I had to get from Point A to Point B with this particular scene and I found myself basically narrating "And then this happened.  And then that happened.  Then this other thing happened.  Also this too."  And I won't do that to this story I'm trying to tell you, so I had to go back and fix it.  I'm honored that every person who buys one of my books honors me with $10 to $15 of their hard-earned money, hence my commitment to providing you the best book I can write.  Plenty of this book has written itself quickly and almost effortlessly, but when I hit a snag I want to stop and fix it before moving on rather than settle for less and push through a couple shoddy chapters.

Writing fiction for the first time, I've learned a lot about trying to balance story with characterization but also keeping things moving along without getting monotonous or slow.  I try my best to transition between exposition, narration, action, internal monologue and dialogue between multiple characters.  It's a good challenge, but since I'm learning as I go, it often takes longer than I'd like.

Having said all that, I'm proud to say that I worked my way through the weeds and produced a strong transition from one high-energy story point to another.  Rather than make a dry scene of narration, I worked in an interesting conflict between two characters to give better insight into their motives.  Sound good?

So getting back to what I mentioned at the beginning of this week's blog, I feel confident that the last couple weeks' slow progression will be countered by some very smooth sailing.  The next big moment I'm writing is a classic on-foot chase scene between a bad guy and the good guys, some stuff I can't spoil for you then a really exciting 3,700-word part I've already written that ends with my characters traveling to a different colossus from Triton, where the main story has taken place so far.  Stick with us for this one more week and I promise some cool insights/updates next Wednesday.

Thanks for reading!  See you soon!

Weekly theriopolis jam:  Gustavo Santaolalla - "Home"

Total Word Count:  30,058

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