Wednesday, April 13, 2016

One Day in the Valley.

Since last #WritersWednesday or #WanderingWednesday (or, hell, #TheriopolisThursday), I finished a massive foil chapter in the new book.  This chapter takes place in Ghettobelly, a housing project that hangs down from Triton's torso via cables that run up and over his back.  It's like a Baby Bjorn but pitiful...well, more pitiful I guess.

The chapter, however, is anything but pitiful.  It's full of action and plot advancement and, finally, the crazy reveal that's been in my head since I came up with the idea for the book.  I also manage to kill off two more characters (bringing the current death toll to 31 so far) and reveal some more about the ramshackle add-on housing that's been brought up from the surface in the last 99 years of the world's history.

Most exciting, however, is the first use of a dialect of English I'm using for this chapter.  Leon faces off with a villain named Jeremai who speaks this dialect and it's been really fun writing for Jeremai so readers can parse through his vernacular.  He bounces between third and first person at his own convenience, does away with most linking and prepositional words, borrows from other cultures' non-Western use of verbs and so on.  He also sees his own people as a superior race to the rest of humanity, referring to themselves as "eaters" and everyone else as "meat" (which you may or may not take literally).  Although I can't give you any excerpts right now (every line is pretty full of story spoilers), I can promise you it's fun and bizarre.

Coming up next is a scene immediately following a character death that compromises Leon's sense of integrity and duty to law enforcement, then a long scene I've already written and it's off Triton to another colossus!  We're really moving now; stay tuned.

See you next week!

Total word count: 33,112

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