Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Flying West.

I'd already figured out where I wanted Psamanthe to land as she circled the globe on an endless flight.  I knew the distance between her perches and why she chose them - I even knew how fast she'd be flying.  What I didn't know was how long I wanted her to stay at each location and how long it would take her to circumnavigate the globe.

So I decided on four days, which is just enough time to clean and cure fish - more on that another day.  After much calculation and effort, I've determined that Psamanthe's complete global journey will take her 57 days, 21 hours, 25 minutes and 42.85 seconds.  Why so exact?  Because the murder mystery my detective is pursuing necessitates him traveling via Psamanthe to a location I can't reveal at the moment.  In order to figure out if that's feasible (and when), I needed to know down to the hour when Triton and Psamanthe would cross paths in Year 99 in the late summer.  Psamanthe travels east-to-west and Triton travels west-to-east, but they have very different routes.  As it turns out, Detective Leon Adler will disembark Triton at Hermitage Towers, Paris, on August 14th in the late evening.  He'll spend just three days atop the towers before Psamanthe perches on them on August 17th around 11pm local time.

Yes, I actually mapped all this out.  Yes, the book will be better for it.  Yes, I will find a reader who cares about that.

This week I added 2,000 words to the book on top of figuring out Psamanthe's migration patterns.  I wrote a couple scenes involving the follow-up to two character deaths and seguing into a piece I've already written.  So now instead of having one section of the book hanging out like an orbiting satellite of some kind, it's been reeled in and what I have written can be read all in a row.  Whew.  Interestingly, I feel I'm nearing the halfway mark in the book.  I've got the rest of it planned out in my head pretty thoroughly, so all that's left is to get it down on paper.  I'm tremendously excited to go into detail about the immigration process on and off a colossus, and even though I have a really exciting story about an immigration officer I think I'll save it for another book.  Maybe a sequel, maybe a prequel, who knows?  But Leon has to see three more colossi (including Psamanthe) before the book can end, and I've got pretty specific plans for each of them, so it should be all downhill from here.

Famous last words?

Word Count:  35,153

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