Thursday, March 10, 2016

Progress; Contest; Word Count.

Hey everybody!  It's been a pretty crazy week up here in northern Virginia so I haven't had much time to sit with the book but there is some good news to report - and we have a new contest!

First, the progress.  In the last two weeks, I've added over 7,000 words to Book Four.  Unfortunately, that was mostly last week, but it's still great news.  The best part is, I'm still just scratching the surface of what I can do.  This novel is going to be a goliath compared to my first two books and probably longer than my last book (The Broken Paragon).  The good news about that is that it's also going to be fascinating.  I really busted my ass researching this project last summer and fall, and all that work is starting to really pay off.  For example, one of the scenes I added in is a really fun and bizarre look at supply and demand on the theriopolis, and is loosely inspired by an anecdote in the fantastic novel World War Z.  In the interest of not spoiling it (hint hint, bookmark this blog post for future reference), it's the scene with Carol Lee, her great-great-grandmother Marianne and a U-Haul full of livestock.

Second, there's a new contest up!  Yesterday on (my publisher) A Carrier of Fire's Facebook page, a post went up asking what prized possession or family heirloom you would take with you in the event that you had to quickly move from your house to a theriopolis and why.  The best answer is going in the book with a personalized thank you to the contributor, so get cracking!

Next week I'll be posting with an opportunity to help fuel a Q&A with me about this next book, so stay tuned.

Total Word Count 3/10/16:     21,198.

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