Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Late February Progress Report.

Happy Valentine's Day!  ...And New Year's.  Yeesh.  Sorry it's been a while, ladies and gentlemen.  My laptop has been running more poorly by the week, to the point that it takes about 10 minutes to boot up and open Google Chrome, at which point it loses its internet connection (not Chrome's fault).  While it hasn't hindered my writing, it's definitely made keeping this blog up rather difficult.  However, I'm hoping to get back on the horse starting this week, so let's get to it!

There's been plenty going on the last two months.  I spent the majority of February taking a second pass at "Timeshare," the short story that opens this book.  I drastically rewrote the first two scenes, touched up the dialogue and narration throughout, added in a couple paragraphs in the middle and resequenced a couple paragraphs on the last few pages to make for greater readability.  I sent that second draft to a few close friends (whose judgment I trust implicitly) and ardent fans of my work (as a "thank you" for supporting my writing so publicly) and the response I got back was as overwhelming as it was positive.  I received one especially valuable piece of feedback I may incorporate before I go to print, but aside from that, "Timeshare" is finalized and ready to go into the book.

Second, after months of research into detective stories and procedurals, I sat and outlined the book (which really needs a title soon) from start to finish and I'm excited to report a couple of the spoiler-free things that are going in.  Here's the skinny.

1) The name of my lead character is Leon Adler, a detective from Triton.  He works with volunteer patrolmen and the local doctor (and the doctor's intern) for basic investigations and medical examinations, although he conducts interviews and does the CSI work by himself.  Detective Adler reports directly to Triton's mayor, Greg Davis.
2) Out of the 13 colossi roaming the planet, this book will utilize at least four if not five of them.  "Timeshare" takes place on Proteus and Triton, although I have to keep the other two confirmed titans a secret for now.  Sorry!
3) I'm working very hard to develop my female lead properly.  I know that, as a man, I'll never be able to write a woman's life through direct experience, but I'm trying my damnedest to build my character respectfully and appropriately.  The difficulty is, if I give her too few flaws, she'll be a Mary Sue.  If I give her too many, she'll seem "inferior" to the male lead - which she definitely is not.  More on her another time.
4) I have enough ideas for this world that I can squeeze at least two more full books out of it, so if you guys like it, I'll make you at least a trilogy.  So get sharing on social media!

Next week I'll detail how I figured out just how in the Hell a noir-ish detective can smoke cigarettes without tobacco, how they can be rolled without traditional paper and how they can be lit without lighters or matches.  For now I gotta get back to writing Leon's first eyewitness interview.  Thanks for your support!

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