Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Playing Catch-Up ("Timeshare" Reviews, Media Roundup, Etc).

Hello there fans and friends; I'm so sorry for the last several weeks of radio silence.  I've been dealing with pre- and post-Thanksgiving craziness including having a table at my final comic con of the year, VA Comicon in Richmond, Virginia.  Here's what you missed.

I sent my short story ("Timeshare") from this next book out to a few people I know and trust.  Here's some of what I've heard back.

"Wow, this was fascinating!  The setup for the rest of the book was great; I can't wait to read more."
"I'm truly sorry it ended."
"[Timeshare] painted a surrealistic scene the likes of Blade Runner, 12 Monkeys, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien."

Next up?  I've been honored to have made appearances (in one form or another) on three podcasts since last month.  First up, the crew at 2 Fat Guys Podcast recorded a joint episode at VA Comicon simultaneously with the Full-Grown Fanboys podcast and I was the guest.  The link to the 2 Fat Guys copy is at this link (it's actually episode six but the page says episode seven, so if something changes, go to the main page at 2 Fat Guys and find episode six).  The Full-Grown Fanboys episode is the same besides the intro and outro, but you can download it from FGFB right here.  We spend most of our time discussing my books (including new details about this upcoming sci-fi project) and the con, but we slip in a couple riotously funny stories here and there as well.

The third podcast is Rafe Hates Caleb.  I'm honored to have earned Rafe's respect with this website and on their episode "Dodgeball" she talks about some of what she's seen on here.  Listen to the whole podcast by clicking here, but my bit comes in somewhere around the 33- or 35-minute mark.  I should probably clarify here that the new book isn't called Wandering City Blues (my fault!), but Rafe is really nice about it anyway.

Finally, I'm going deep into research mode for a couple months but I'll get back to posting more regularly, starting now, than I did in November.  Thank you for your continued support and interest in this project; it's going to be a Hell of a thing.

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