Thursday, December 31, 2015

Life on the Theriopolis (Day-to-Day Soundtrack).

As I continue to research and write this book, I've come to see and hear its world more and more.  Pale skies, the incessant thud of a colossus's footsteps, dusty buildings and man-made everyday gadgets adorn the cities on the leviathans' backs.  These scenes, as well, have taken on a cinematic life of their own and led me to start collecting music that captures the feel of life on the theriopolis.  I feel like with no air conditioning units, cars, garbage trucks, police sirens or tens of thousands of people nearby, my characters would live their lives with far less background noise than we do.  This universe is a quiet dustbowl of worry and hope, so I went into my library and started snagging a couple songs that had that feel to them.

The following songs have helped me get in the right head space to set the subdued setting for the book - the downtimes that show the outside when everyone's sitting inside having lunch or at work, or just as dawn is breaking.  I also have songs for specific locations and events, but I'll get into those another day.  I should mention for legal purposes that none of these artists or their labels have endorsed this project and so on; these are just great inspirations that remind me of my book (and that my book reminds me of).  Enjoy!

The Protomen - Intermission

Saxon Shore - May 26

Atticus Ross - Human

Radiohead - Hunting Bears

A.O.S. - History Repeats Itself

Gustavo Santaolalla - Home

The Ocean - Siderian

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