Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy Holidays (Proteus: First Look)!

This week, visual artist Nick Whitmire provided us with an early Christmas present: a digital painting of Proteus, the second-largest colossus in my upcoming novel.  Made entirely in ProCreate for iPad, this stunning portrait shows Proteus the day he emerged from the sea - no city on his back, no fog overtaking the landscape, just a 2,000-foot tall titan from the deep.

Proteus Emerges.  Image Ⓒ Nick Whitmire and A Carrier of Fire,
all rights reserved. Used by permission.

You can download the full-size image for free by clicking here (2900x4000 pixels), but for all intents and purposes this picture is Ⓒ Nick Whitmire and A Carrier of Fire 2015. Reproducing this image and selling it or claiming it as your own work is not only wrong but illegal. Please check out some of Nick's other work by visiting his website,, and keep visiting for more updates on the book. Happy Holidays and thank you for your interest in this project!

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